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Re: growth, connection, sources



a crowd, a community;

Food, at its core, is something that connects – across space, across time. Jiaozi, gyoza, ravioli. I fold dumplings the same way my great great grandmother did. Food is what brings us together at the table, but we have long lost touch with its giver.

丛 is an attempt to find that togetherness again. To, as a community, reconnect with our food.

“丛” 这里开始

start here;

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly – we may not all have the capacity to make the overhauls we need to make, but we can make the effort to connect. To learn, to understand, to think about our food and food systems.

As the saying goes, we don’t need 1 person doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly. The same goes for any form of climate action, including solving the food disconnect. Let’s start here, on this page.

丛 is a journey – join us.

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